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Three tips on Living your dream life in Thailand

Three tips on Living your dream life in Thailand

Living your dream life in Thailand is not that hard to achieve. However, there are plenty of foreigners that are very nonchalant in the choices that they make. This leads to complicated instances where in their lives are ruined by surprising trouble.

Here are a few tips on how you can get your dream life in Thailand :I retire in Thailand

Thailand travel by All About Thailand.
Thailand travel

A property agent is your best friend
The first thing that you need when you go to a foreign land is a home that you can sleep and rest in. if you want to live you dream life then you must have a place where in you can relax and let it all hang out. However, there are a lot of rules for foreigners when they want to own property. There are a lot of things that you can do to own property, however, there are also a lot of rules and regulations so that you should be aware of when going on a foreign land. This is why you need to go out and go get yourself a property agent. The use of a property agent is two fold. The first one is that a property agent can get you the best deals out there in the market. He is a local so he can speak and barter with other people. He also knows the market so you know that you will be having a fair price. The second use of having a property agent is that the agent knows all the laws concerning foreign ownership. The property agent can guide you through the various loopholes that you can exploit as well as give caution to different things that you want to invest him. When you want to buy property, remember that your best friend is your property agent.

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Amazing Thailand Travel Fair, Bangkok, Thailand - IMPAC Bangkok Thailand

Get all things legally done
Before anything else, you need a lawyer that you can consult with so that you can be sure that there are no legal implications in everything that you will be doing. You also need someone who will keep you out of trouble. Remember that laws in every country vary so do not go out to a foreign land and think that you know what is legal and what is not. also, the fact that you are foreigner means you will be susceptible to scrutiny. Your unfamiliarity with the local law is the main reason why you need to hire a lawyer or at least have a lawyer’s number immediately available to you. This is very important if you want to want property in Thailand. Having a lawyer on call means that you have that legal advice available to you whenever you want or need it.

These two tips will greatly increase the your chances of living your dream life in Thailand. Remember to keep these two tips to heart and remember them always.

Three tips on Living your dream life in Thailand: I retire in Thailand

Thailand Travel - Chiang Mai Strawberry Festival (12) by som-is-orange.
Thailand Travel - Chiang Mai Strawberry Festival: Strawberry farm jump post.

Thailand Travel - Chiang Mai Strawberry Festival (11) by som-is-orange.
Thailand Travel - Chiang Mai Strawberry Festival: Wooden house of Napa Phupha Farm.

Thailand travel by All About Thailand.
Thailand travel

Thailand travel by All About Thailand.
Thailand travel

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Organized before traveling to enjoy Asian Views and scenery

Organized before traveling to enjoy Asian Views and scenery

Booking a last minute holiday can be very exciting. One minute you are sitting at work with nothing but your regular timetable of events to look forward to, and the next you've discovered a bargain last minute break and booked the time to jet off on holiday to somewhere warm and sunny.

It's guaranteed to put the shine on any day but once the initial excitement has worn off you've also got to think about the practicalities of the situation. Where are those suitcases? What do you need to take with you? Is everything that you'll need washed and ironed? And you know you put your passport in a safe place, but can you remember where?

Tokyo, Japan Downtown by Travelin' James.

It's easy to get into a panic when you know you've only got a day or two to make sure everything is ready to go, but the easiest way to get around this is to make a list of all the things you need to remember. That way you'll be able to cross them off as you go along, enabling you to concentrate on the things you still have to do.

The first step is to work out how many days you will be away for, as this will allow you to ensure you have the right amount of essential items with you, such as underwear and toiletries to last the whole trip. Of course you can also buy toiletries wherever you go, but you should make sure you at least take enough for the first couple of days.

Next, do some research if necessary to see what the weather will be like wherever you are going. Depending on the type of holiday you've booked, you could be packing for tropical temperatures or sub-zero temperatures, so make sure you go prepared!

Think about the type of holiday you are taking as well, as this will influence what you need to take. If you are going on a beach holiday you will want to take plenty of beachwear and perhaps some snorkelling gear as well, whereas a city break would no doubt need comfy shoes to walk around in as you're more likely to be doing a lot of sightseeing.
Forbidden City by Sepperer  Markus |

Don't forget arrangements you'll need to make at home as well, such as enlisting the help of a friend, relative or neighbour to look after your cat while you are away, or simply check on your house every now and again to make sure everything is okay and perhaps remove mail away from the door, if it is visible. We quite often get so caught up in what we need to organise for taking away with us that we forget essential tasks such as these.

Finally consider taking out travel insurance to cover you during your trip. This is essential if you want to have peace of mind during your last minute holiday that any potential holiday hazards are guarded against.

The Guards and the Tourists by miscellaneous chemistry.